Noam Griner, Volunteer

I was not having such a good day, and that’s an understatement  .. It was one of those days that makes you realize that you should not have gotten out of bed in the morning. All I wanted to do was withdraw into myself and not to leave the room, but you signed up for the College of Management and the parents have paid quite a bit so you gotta go. So you went. Anyone who says hello in the college just walks by, all the lessons seem to you as if the lecturer is on mute and you even lose your appetite … but then I came home to that horrible feeling. Then, a good friend (bless her) sent me a message and suggested I come to volunteer in rehabilitation center for people who struggle with mental disabilities. I never expected myself to say it but I said, “Screw it. Lets give Karma a try.”

When we got there I realized my friend had forgotten to tell me a very small but very important detail: these are people around the age of 60. Now again, I know many people do not know me but if you did you would know that disabled adults and me do not get along well together. I cannot deal with them, and its not even that I can’t, I don’t know how to deal with them. I cry when trying to deal with them.

But the purpose of the volunteering event was to operate a fashion fair. It was to help them try on clothes, get them excite about the clothes, laugh with them and give them the feeling that they are the stars of one of the best shows of the night!

Surprisingly, it was very easy because they really were stars.

As I expected to finish the evening with dry tears, I ended up finishing it with painful cheeks from all the smiles.

I want to thank OneDay Social Volunteering for making it happen and all the wonderful people, tourists, Israelis and the Olim who gave their time today without asking for anything in return.

Most importantly, I want to thank, Mr. Judah the Prince, one of the men staying at the hostel, age 86, who lives in the “penthouse” and the man that really made my day better. Thank you for you putting a smile on my face on a day in which I thought would be impossible to do so; the smile refuses to go away.