Nefesh B’Nefesh, partner stories

Meeting this morning at 6:30, a full bus of Olim and token tzabarim made the way down south to Moshav Tkuma by Netivot.  We helped the farmer prune his vineyard for 3 hours while enjoying each other’s company.  Once the sun became too strong we stopped for a huge “thank you” from the farmer.  We learned how much the south has truly suffered this summer, farmers are 2 months behind on work, and under a great deal of pressure before the Shmita year.  The work we did in 3 hours would have taken the farmer many days to complete alone.  Before we headed back to Tel Aviv, we stopped for a coffee break at Halumi cafe in Ofakim, continuing the support for the South’s economy.

OneDay Social Volunteering was the perfect partner.   They were professional and organized and even called everyone the day before to confirm their attendance.  I was impressed that people came from all over (Modiin, Jerusalem,  and Givat Shmuel) to participate- even with a 6:30am meeting time!  Everyone returned to Tel Aviv feeling extremely accomplished and wanted to know when we are going again.

Our Olim are phenomenal and thirsty to give back to Am Yisrael.  I feel honored that we are able to give them that opportunity.

(Nefesh B’Nefesh – our partner at the last event)